Tater Madness, Final Four

Sorry, tots. You're out.
Sorry, tots. You’re out.

Sorry, Tots. You’re out.After a furious weekend of drunken debates and hungover voting, we are down to our Final Four.  The NCAA has Wichita State to keep things interesting, but we’re left with the equivalent of Louisville / Kansas / Gonzaga / Indiana.

Most of the matchups were rather lopsided, save for Regular French Fries vs Sweet Potato Fries.  These two equally cut options were in a dead heat until the very end, where Regular French Fries proved too big and strong for everyone’s favorite underdog.

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 Updated bracket:


Tater Madness, Round One

The Truffle Shuffle has been CANCELED!
The Truffle Shuffle has been CANCELED!

Round One is now officially under way, as the results of the play in round have been set:

  • Wedges narrowly edged Steak Cut fries in the Thick Cut Throwdown
  • Garlic Fries DESTROYED Truffle Fries in the Special Play In
  • Sweet Potato Tots got out to an early lead, but ultimately lost to Regular Tater Tots in the Tots Tussle

Now begins the true test of spud strength and stamina. 

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1. Seasoned Curly Fries vs. 8. Wedges (with skin)

4. Regular French Fries vs. 5. Sweet Potato Fries

3. Shoestring Fries vs 6. Garlic Fries

2. Waffle Fries vs 7. Tater Tots


Updated bracket:


Tater Madness

A couple of weeks ago, the writers over at Bill Simmons’ Grantland posted a teaser to their Facebook page in regards to a tournament of french fry varieties.

I have to be honest, as I was rather let down when they didn’t follow through with it. Truthfully, they were already quite busy running a tournament of the most hated college basketball players and running a daily video stream of commentary for the actual tournament games.

Because they weren’t able to get around to it, I’ve decided to run this tournament myself through my own Facebook page. I’ll be running this through the next two weeks, in hopes of having a true winner at about the same time we have an NCAA championship team.

So go ahead and click over through the following links on my Facebook page to cast your Play In round votes: 

Yes, I used Vizio for this.
Yes, I used Vizio for this.

There was much debate about the seedings, and don’t even get me started on the reasoning to include tots in this whole thing. In the end, here’s my justification:

  • Shoestrings get the third seed because they’re my personal favorite. I am allowed to show some bias.
  • Thick cuts get put into their own play in because they’re quite similar and overall don’t seem to have quite the popularity of other styles.
  • Special types (i.e. garlic and truffle) are in their own play in because they’re not always widely available and they are quite unique.
  • Tater tots get their own play in because they are not truly fries (the original premise of this tournament) but they have become increasingly widely available at restaurants as an alternative option.
  • Other specialties, such as chili cheese fries / animal fries / carne asada fries, are not included as they go well beyond what constitutes a ‘side order’.
  • No, tater skins don’t count. Partially due to them having so many toppings, and partially because GFY.

Do you think I royally screwed this up? Feel free to let me know!

Either way, cast your votes, and may the best spud win.

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